Shields Marine Hose

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Marine hose applications aboard any vessel are critical, especially fuel hose applications.

Therefore, failure to inspect and replace worn or aged hose on your boat or vessel can cause severe problems, this can result in the loss of property or possibly, the loss of life.  

Marine Water Hoses

All critical hose – wet exhaust, bilge pump, bilge vent and hoses connected below the water line – should be inspected prior to each use of the vessel, these hoses must be in excellent condition and all fittings and clamps should be secure and properly attached.  All hoses and connections should be inspected annually by a qualified marine mechanic.

Marine Fuel Hoses

Marine fuel hoses should be inspected each time you use your boat or outboard motor and must be the correct standard to withstand the harsh marine environment that we ask them to perform in.

Shields Marine manufactures a wide variety of hoses for applications on boats and marine vessels. Every Shields marine hose is designed for a specific application and meets strict standards set by the United States Coast Guard, ABYC and other regulatory agencies

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