Outboard Motor Repowering

Our custom designed workshop and factory trained technicians are optimised for repowering your boat with a new or refurbished 2nd hand outboard motor. We are experts in outboard repowers and will make your experience of replacing your outboard motor an enjoyable one.

With over 100 years of combined boating experience in our team, we have worked on, rigged up and been on thousands of boats. This gives us a huge advantage when it comes to installing outboard motors and rigging your boat. 

Knowing how to fit items and where to install on your boat only comes from experience. Call us today and discuss the option of repowering your boat with a new outboard motor!

Benefits of upgrading your outboard motor

  • Increased fuel economy
  • Increased performance
  • Less smoke and emissions
  • Easy starting and trouble free operating
  • Smooth idle and consistent operation
  • Superior acceleration
  • Enjoyable boating!


Performance & Economy figures for Evinrude Etec vs Yamaha Outboards (90hp)


We replaced two late model Yamaha 90hp outboards with two new 90hp Evinrude Etec outboards.

The boat was a 6m fibreglass Catamaran.The owner is very happy, his comments and findings are below:

Average days fishing fuel cost  
Yamaha $160
Etec $110
Top end speed  
Yamaha 58 kph
Etec 64 kph
Trawling Economy  
Yamaha 1.2 km per litre
Etec 3.7 km per litre

Acceleration/ Hole shot

The Evinrude Etec accelerated out of the water much faster than the Yamaha

Outboard motor noise
The Evinrude Etecs are quieter than the Yamaha's.

*Note - these figures were provided by our customer who carried out his own test, they are not official tests carried out by manufacturers. Results may vary between applications.

Image of evinrude outboard motor repower