Outboard Motor
Reconditioning Services

We Re-Manufacture outboard motor power heads (short blocks & long blocks)  keeping common Johnson & Evinrude short blocks in stock as well as offering Mercury’s Remanufacturing Program.  If we don’t have your power head available as an exchange we will Re-Manufacture yours in good time.  We have invested in cleaning machines: Hot Spray Washer, Bead Blaster, Ultrasonic bath and a Down draft bench as well as specialist tools to perform correct power head assembly.

Our history with repairing and modifying outboard motor race engines, and having the fastest outboard motor in New Zealand, we know how to:


  • Get the most HP out of your engine
  • Make your engine reliable
  • Reduce your fuel consumption
  • Make your outboard idle smoother
  • Increase your top end boat speed
  • Make your outboard motor quieter

If your outboard motor is hard to start, does not idle smoothly or has lost hole shot or top end speed, there might be a serious underlying issue. If you have noticed your outboard motor has increased fuel economy, is making funny noises or your boat just doesn't go as fast as it once did, book it in with us for our specialized outboard motor appraisal.

Call us today to discuss our outboard refurbishing and see if an engine overhaul is the option for you. We can carry out our famous 32 point outboard appraisal and let you know exactly what your outboard motor requires.

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Outboard motor getting rebuilt