Outboard Gearbox Reconditioning

We Re-Manufacture outboard motor and stern drive gearboxes and gear cases keeping common Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury & Mercruiser exchange options in stock.  If we don’t have your gearbox available as an exchange we will Re-Manufacture yours in good time.  We have invested in cleaning machines: Hot Spray Washer, Bead Blaster, Ultrasonic bath and a Down draft bench as well as specialist tools to perform correct gear case assembly.

Services we provide

  • Complete strip down and rebuild
  • Replace seals and o-rings
  • Convert gearbox between short and long shaft
  • Straighten bent gear case skegs 
  • Gearbox repair and painting
  • Weld and shape broken skegs
  • Strip and inspect gearbox
  • Pressure and vacuum test gear case

If your outboard gear case has any sign of metal on the magnets, water in the oil, jumps out of gear when travelling or has fishing line around the propeller shaft – you need our services!

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Image of fishing line around outboard motor gearbox prop shaft
Leading cause of outboard gearbox failures