Mobile Outboard Servicing

We have invested in a purpose built workshop specializing in trailer boat repair.  Unfortunately we can’t offer mobile outboard servicing, however we generally have room to store your boat in our highly secure yard with video surveillance and electric security fencing. This means you have the advantage of us not having to come back to finish outboard repairs if further parts are required.

We have a fully stocked workshop to carry out outboard motor repairs.  If you’re booking a routine service we will likely suggest Saturday’s and Mondays for drop off.  With collection on Friday’s & Saturdays.  This way we can schedule your boat with the other jobs we have on that week.  Normal turnaround is 1-2 weeks however we can work on a tighter time frame if required.

Because the Marine & Boating Industry is seasonable you should look at booking your boat in over the winter months for servicing – Summer time is always busy at Outboard Marine and you don’t want to miss out on those cracker days waiting for your outboard to be repaired.

An annual outboard service is not only replacing engine parts and lubricating your outboard!  Allot of people don’t realize the maintenance and systematic servicing an outboard motor requires to have trouble free boating. 

Outboard Fuel systems
These can be under floor fuel tanks or tote tanks. These require regular maintenance, including checking for contamination, perishing fuel line, water separator/fuel filter replacement, inspection of fuel connectors for wear and damage.

We have an electronic fuel system tester that tests the total restriction of your outboards fuel system. An unobstructed fuel system is very important for outboard motors as a fuel restriction can lead to surging, stalling, hard starting, a lean fuel/air mixture & inevitably an engine failure.

If you suspect that your boat has contaminated fuel it’s important to get your fuel system inspected. Is it is contaminated, it needs to have the contamination removed, fuel lines flushed, fuel filters replaced and have the fuel injectors or carburettors cleaned.  

We have our own in-house outboard fuel injection machine (Promt Parts Fuel Injector Servicing) for testing and ultra-sonically cleaning outboard fuel injectors. We also have specialised ultrasonic cleaners for thoroughly and properly cleaning outboard carburettors.

Outboard Steering System
Is your boats steering system getting stiff and hard to turn?  If you have cable steering it's likely the cable is on its way out. The lifespan of these cables varies from boat to boat and it depends on the environment you use your outboard motor and boat in and how often the outboard has been serviced.  Outboard steering systems often seize in the winter months. 

How to get longer life out of outboard steering
You can get longer life out of your outboard steering system if it’s getting regular use and serviced on an annual basis. If you are not using your boat you should at least be turning the steering lock to lock once a month. If you are experiencing tight steering with your outboard don’t leave it to get worse. This can damage the helm and result in a larger expense to repair your steering or in worst case scenarios you could have a loss of steering and control of your boat while using it.

Hydraulic Steering
This system requires less maintenance than standard outboard steering but also needs to be checked for leaks and air in the system. It also requires to be greased and lubricated so it is not seized if it ever needs to be removed.

Outboard Battery Systems
Checking date codes & battery condition is important – Battery Issues are the second most common reason for New Zealand Coastguard call outs, (first is running out of fuel). We can test your boats battery and give you a digital print of the current condition of your battery.  

Switches, leads, terminals and dual charge components can make marine battery systems very complicated and they all need servicing and to be kept in top condition. Neglected and poorly maintained marine battery systems can cause expensive damage to your outboard motors charging system, this can result in fires in extreme cases. We have also seen a number of fuel injected outboard motor computers damaged by corroded and loose battery terminals.

At Outboard Marine we have developed a thorough and systematic approach to servicing all of the Outboards Routine Service Requirements specified by the Outboard Manufacturer. We also service the boat systems required by the outboard engine for safe and trouble free boating.

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